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Taking Control of Your Health: The Importance of Preventative Care

Taking Control of Your Health: The Importance of Preventative Care

There is an an old adage that prevention is better than cure. Taking preventative measures before health problems occur is always better than an emergency doctor visit.

Everybody ranging from children to adults can be the victim of the health issues at any point in their life. Fortunately, there are many proactive measures that one can take to keep healthy. This can save a lot of stress and money in the future. The Dimock Community Health Center in Boston can help in guiding both children and adults through preventive care services and routine check-ups. Taking an active role in your health can stop health issues before they surface.

The team of Pediatricians at the community health care center near Boston are very proactive and experienced in working with your loved ones. They can help explain the results of health screenings, get them up to date on immunizations, and spot problems early through physicals. The patient's health history also a consequential factor that Pediatricians take into account when deciding which screenings and tests are appropriate.

When children are having behavioral problems, psychological assistance can be an option. While this isn't a routine practice for many families, taking a proactive stance towards mental health can have positive downstream effect on their development. The behavioral specialists at Dimock can help teach you and your child skills and healthy coping mechanisms, strengthening your family bond.

It's also important to check in on your oral health, vision, and hearing from time to time. Dental problems are often recognized by the patient much later than a oral health practitioner would be able to find it. This can result in urgent office visits that are costly and cause a lot of pain. If problems are identified earlier by a dentist, advanced tooth decay and painful procedures can be minimized or avoided altogether.

Dimock Health Center near Boston, MA is committed to serving and strengthening the diverse community. This team of accomplished, caring health care professionals also offer Spanish translation services.

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