We are an independent school that offers children from Preschool to Grade 8, an innovative educational experience in an outstanding academic program.

During the fifteen years I have been at Lesley Ellis School, I have seen how we nurture our children in a caring, safe community and support individual growth. We celebrate the differences among our students because we believe that a welcoming environment is essential to learning. Our children know from the minute they walk into their classrooms in the morning until they leave at the end of the day, they can be just who they are, and we will support them.

 Using our own award-winning anti-bias curriculum, we teach our students to respect themselves and one another and to view themselves as part of a larger, diverse global community. Since our first graduation, I have loved seeing how confident, articulate and insightful Lesley Ellis graduates are.

At Lesley Ellis, we include Spanish, music, art, and movement from a child’s earliest years. Lesley Ellis students of all ages have many opportunities to interact with one another, with teachers, and with administrators, so they feel comfortable anywhere in our school and with anyone in our school community.

For over 65 years, Lesley Ellis School has offered a wide variety of innovative educational programs. In the last ten years, we have experienced a period of continued growth and are proud to now have an Early Childhood program (Preschool, Prekindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten), an Elementary program (Kindergarten through Grade 4) and a Middle School program (Grades 5-8). 

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