5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial To Your Health

Physical therapy is not just for recovery from injury or illness. Here are five ways physical therapy can benefit you whether you have already suffered injury or illness or want to focus on preventative care.

Lessen pain and avoid surgery

Pain in the joints can be a sign of a larger problem. Methods such as electrical stimulation and taping can pull together damaged, soft tissue and restore functionality in the muscles and joints. Not only can this possibly prevent surgery in the future, but it will improve the overall movement and balance of the patient. This will prevent falling and causing more damage in the short term. Preventative physical therapy is great for athletes who may be prone to injury.


Back pain is one of the most painful pregnancy symptoms a woman will go through. This is only elevated by the fact that women are having children at an older age and may be less active as they get older. If physical therapy is included in prenatal care, it will alleviate some pain during the first pregnancy and also prepare the body if the woman chooses to have another baby later.

Manage diseases

Exercise can manage diabetes symptoms by improving the blood sugar level. A physical therapist will also be trained to educate patients on how to care for their feet in order to help with the numbness that often occurs in diabetes patients. Breathing exercises learned at physical therapy sessions will also help people with heart conditions before a heart attack occurs.

Alternative to medication

For many, side effects of certain medications may outweigh the actual benefit of taking it. With physical therapy, there are none, so the good will always outweigh the bad, even in the long term.

Recovery after a stroke

Strokes are one of the leading causes of permanent disability. If physical therapy begins as soon as recommended by a doctor after a stroke, the chances of a full recovery will increase depending on the severity of the stroke.

If you are considering physical therapy, speak with your doctor about referring you to the best plan for your health. Looking for a physical therapist? Check out Delta Physical Therapy in Dorchester, MA to schedule your appointment today.