Benefits of Continuing To Use Print Advertising

Is Print Really Dead?

According to Pew Research, print advertising still reaches almost 35 million US readers during the week and 38 million on Sundays. People who actively read the paper rarely get their news online. Can you afford to miss the print-loyal readership that still enjoys the newspaper experience?

Many of these newspapers have corresponding websites that also attract readers and create space for ads. This practice allows people who prefer the paper, and people who prefer technology to have access to the same information.

Meeting the Needs of the Target Audience

Cyber space can be vast and confusing, even for those that navigate it daily. In a busy world, the target audience may choose the convenience of a printed paper over loyalty to a website to avoid that confusion. With a printed newspaper, the reader has everything he or she needs displaying in a simple, easily read format. There are no bookmarks, no popups, and no annoying flashing advertisements to distract the reader.

Meeting the Needs of the Advertiser

Newspaper advertisements are a time-honored tradition that print readers still rely on. Whether it's the Sunday paper or a weekly edition, newspapers still provide advertisers with a simple opportunity to reach millions of readers daily. In print advertising, readers are able to see, at a glance, what the advertiser has to offer. This is a convenience that pays off for the advertiser in the long run.

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