You should never neglect your eyes even if you think you have perfect eye sight. Routine eye examinations are essential even for people who do not have a known eye disease. The examinations are not just about reading a chart; they are conducted by trained professionals. Some sight threatening diseases can be cured or prevented if detected early. An eye exam is therefore crucial and is a preventative step.

How often should you get eye check-up?

For children, it is important that they have their first comprehensive eye examination before they get to the age of three. It could be earlier if they have a history of family childhood vision problem or they have a specific condition. For people aged between 20 and 30 they should get eye checkups at least once every two years. In case their visual changes they should get immediate care.

For adults over 30 years yearly eye exams become crucial as their vision changes. For people with certain special risks such as a family history of glaucoma or eye trauma or diabetes, they should have their eyes checked more often.

What signs to look out for?

If you discover any of the listed signs you should not wait until your next eye checkup. If you get dizzy and have trouble following a target that is moving you need to get your eyes checked. If you have to hold a book or a newspaper away from your eyes or you have to squint for you to clearly read this is a sign you need to schedule an eye checkup. Another sign is if you have problems driving in the night or reading road signs in the night. If you experience eye strain, blurred vision or a headache after spending time in front of a computer screen do not wait until your next appointment.

You do not have to wait until you experience any of the above signs. If you are in Dorchester, MA, make an appointment with Eye and Eye Optics and have your eyes checked today!