The BSA Foundation is dedicated to sustaining Boston as a leading global city that employs design thinking to cultivate its thriving economy; provide safe, affordable housing for all; ensure healthy urban environments; create a forward-looking, equitable transportation policy that allows people to move freely around the city, and from city to suburb; and identify and implement best practices to address sea level rise and climate change.

Foundation programs affect individuals (Family Design Days, Building Blocks), communities (Common Boston, Living with Water), and public policy (Resiliency Scan, Traffic Advisory).

Join the hundreds of individuals and firms who, together, have pledged over half a million dollars to support the Foundation's vision of building a better Boston by engaging communities, inspiring vision, and provoking positive change through architecture and design-focused exhibitions, programs, and other initiatives.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organziation and contributions are tax deductible.