Since 1989, CRI has conducted life-changing clinical research and contributed critical building blocks of research data that resulted in the FDA approval of nearly all the currently available HIV medications. CRI's researchers have presented key, groundbreaking data at national and international conferences, disseminating study results for these HIV drugs to researchers, advocates, medical providers, and people living with HIV across the world. As a result, nearly all people with HIV who have access to these drugs can live a normal life span. In recent years, CRI has taken this finely tuned expertise and began hepatitis C research in 2013. The organization has also explored other novel research endeavors, including conducting survey research and bringing HIV and HCV clinical expertise into new settings, such as a substance abuse disorder clinic. As health insurance coverage changes and becomes more complex, CRI's access staff (BRIDGE Team), anchored by our medical team, expertly helps navigate HIV+ clients in need through countless choices when selecting benefits, particularly during open enrollment, and when they face countless barriers to getting the drugs and medical care that they need. CRI's access team trains case managers, providers, and HIV+ clients on accessing care and insurance, determining the appropriate drug coverage, and maintaining coverage given the constantly evolving health insurance and drug coverage environment by public and private insurers and their complex dual coverage.

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